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Wing Liner

Silicone Liner of Prosthetics

Technical Information

Material Medical Silicone • For pressure sensitive patients characteristics.
• Skin-friendly material with high water vapour, permeability and very good climate exchange characteristics reducing perspiration and odours.
• High dimensional stability and constant compression of the silicone structure give residual limb an optimal wearing comfort, damping and long-term use.
• Easy-cleaning surface to prevent bacterial colonisation.
• Provide different silicone densities, depending on the patient’s activity, meeting the resistance and comfort needed by the amputee according to their activity and peculiarities.
Cover Unique Cover
Textile Cover
• Unique cover with smooth, residue-free cleaning for the best possible hygiene.
• Unique (Textile) cover gives easy donning, doffing, comfortable and durable at the same time.
• Excellent stretch characteristics through Unique (Textile) cover.
• Especially soft functional textile cover for easily rolling the liner up or down without a donning aid or spray.
Distal Connector Pin Adapter or Cushion • Universal threaded orifice is available for all pin types and locking (suspension) systems.
• Cushion liner is available for vacuum-socket technology.
Flexible Cup Polyurethane Cup • Neat, shape-moulding and secure donning of the liner.
• Damping properties for absorbing and reducing the residual limb-strike impact in the socket.
• Distal umbrella, designed to distribute force over its entire surface and to fit wearing comfort and stable.
Matrix Grab Matrix, 5cm or 10cm • Grab matrix, gentle and stable structures preventing longitude stretch (piston effect).
• Stable distal structure leads to accurately and saving-strenth control the prosthesis.
• Excellent latitude stretch for a step-free, gentle and comfortable transition from the grab matrix area to the elastic area.
• Excellent fitting to various residual limb shapes due to optimal radial elasticity (latitude stretch).
Thickness 3mm & 6mm
Length 42cm
Mobility Class 1-4 1, 2, 3

Size Selection

Determining the size Size selection is extremely important as an incorrect size could cause sweating and lack of precision when adapting the prosthesis. Besides that, the stable matrix and distal umbrella should perfectly adapted to the stump when you walking. Therefore, ComfortPower has planned range of sizes, from 18 up to 45 cm, to meet the requirements of different tibial stump morphologies.
1. Measure the circumference of the residual limb 4cm above the distal end of the residual limb. Then, select a size less than the measurement obtained and try it on the patient for them to check it before casting.
2.The circumference minus 1-2 liner size is recommended for amputees undergoing their first prosthetisation in anticipation of fast stump shrinkage and possible liner displacement. 
Determining the matrix 1. Measure the distance from the distal end of the residual limb to the head of the fibula.
2.Attention: The matrix must not protrude beyond the head of the fibula.

Wing Liner

In addition to the comprehensive functions of the original liners, the Wing liners also has lightweight silicone elastomers.Reducing the burden of wearing helps to extend the wearing time

Wing liners reduce the burden of wearing and helps to extend the wearing time.

Wing Pin Wing Cushion
Size 5cm Grab Matrix
Part Number
10cm Grab Matrix
Part Number
Silicone Thickness Size Part Number Silicone Thickness
3mm 6mm 3mm 6mm
18cm WP210518 WP211018 _03 _06 18cm WC210018 _03 _06
20cm WP210520 WP211020 _03 _06 20cm WC210020 _03 _06
22cm WP210522 WP211022 _03 _06 22cm WC210022 _03 _06
23.5cm WP210523 WP211023 _03 _06 23.5cm WC210023 _03 _06
25cm WP210525 WP211025 _03 _06 25cm WC210025 _03 _06
26.5cm WP210526 WP211026 _03 _06 26.5cm WC210026 _03 _06
28cm WP210528 WP211028 _03 _06 28cm WC210028 _03 _06
30cm WP210530 WP211030 _03 _06 30cm WC210030 _03 _06
32cm WP210532 WP211032 _03 _06 32cm WC219932 _03 _06
34cm WP210534 WP211034 _03 _06 34cm WC210034 _03 _06
36cm WP210536 WP211036 _03 _06 36cm WC210036 _03 _06
38cm WP210538 WP211038 _03 _06 38cm WC210038 _03 _06
40cm WP210540 WP211040 _03 _06 40cm WC210040 _03 _06
42cm WP210542 WP211042 _03 _06 42cm WC210042 _03 _06
45cm WP210545 WP211045 _03 _06 45cm WC210045 _03 _06

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