Medical Caring

Silicone is an elastomer. This means that it’s a rubber-like material that can stretch, then regain its original shape. Technically, it’s a polymer and is best known for being:Non-reactive,Flexible,Temperature-resistant,Water-resistant,Bio-compatible.

In other words, it’s a useful material for everything from durable and safe cooking utensils to medical devices to menstrual cups.

We have experience designing, tooling, and manufacturing a wide variety of food grade silicone applications. Request a quote for your high volume medical or product idea and our team will be in touch shortly.

Silicone Liner of Prosthetics

Model : Wing Liner

Silicone Liner of Prosthetics

Model : Original Liner

Silicone Liner of Prosthetics

Model : PSL_9201

Flat Silicone Insole

Model : FSI_3213

Metatarsal Silicone Insole

Model : MSI_3213

Universal Silicone Insole

Model : USI_3223

Breathable Silicone Insole

Model : BSI_3213

Slim Metatarsal Silicone Insole

Model : SSI_3110

Slim Silicone Insole

Model : SSI_3130

Arch Silicone Insole

Model : ASI_2130

Silicone Heel-cup Cushion

Model : SHC_1130

Flat Silicone Heel Cushion

Model : FSH_1130