About Our Company

Started in 1990, Comfort-Power is an innovative elastic-material forming company, servicing customers in much industry. To help people more comfortable when they need is our first target.

The core business of Comfort-Power revolves around forming high-quality elastic materials, including Silicone, Polyurethane, TPE, and etc. Comfort-Power’s products apply in medical orthopedic, sports protect, and auto cars industry.

Above all else, innovation is Comfort-Power's focus and we are guaranteed to providing outstanding service as we help customer find the solutions for differential design in the market.

"When you feel more comfortable, your life is better!"



The Innovation as our Core-Value on Top Triangular Pyramid was constructed by “CSR”, “Green Earth”, and “LOHAS”


We believe follow the Cornerstone of this triangular pyramid would lead to virtuous cycle relationship. The members of relationship are including our customers, our vendors, our shareholders, and our employees.